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I was prescribed with Priligy. However, such was by doctor prescription and prices were quite high. It was amazing to find your generic products that work just as well and present a very competitive price. Highly recommended.
- - Hank P -


Generic Priligy (Dapoxetine)

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Generic Priligy (Dapoxetine) - what is it?
Dapoxtine (dapoxetine hydrochloride) is the first oral medication ever approved entirely for the premature ejaculation treatment.

How does Dapoxetine work?
Dapoxetine is the active ingredient in Priligy. This is a short-acting selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Low serotonin levels are associated with premature ejaculation and SSRIs inhibit the reuptake of serotonin in the brain in order for the serotonin levels to be increased. Other forms of SSRIs are used as antidepressants; Priligy is different from these as it is absorbed and eliminated by the body much faster. Such means it is well tolerated by the body and effectively improves some of the elements that can cause premature ejaculation (anxiety, interpersonal difficulties, and so on).

How will Priligy treat the premature ejaculation issue?
Low serotonin levels have been linked to premature ejaculation problems in a large sum of patients. SSRIs acts by increasing the extracellular level of the neurotransmitter serotonin by inhibiting its reuptake into the pre-synaptic cell. Such will increase the level of serotonin available to bind with the post-synaptic receptor. This will combat low serotonin levels, helping to delay the orgasm and the ejaculation time. Unlike anti-depressants, Priligy (dapoxetine) is fast absorbed and eliminated by your body. Such means that you can relax as your body will easily tolerate the treatment.

Are there any side effects on Dapoxetine?
Clinical studies prove that Dapoxetine is well tolerated by most men; side effects are mild and tend to disappear quickly. Such may include nausea, headaches, diarrhea and light dizziness.

How should I take Prigily?
Generic Priligy can be taken up to 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. It will last up to four hours.